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“MADE IN GERMANY” brake technology of quality without compromise!


Compared to the conventional steel brake discs, the highly durable HTCIC (High Tech Cast Iron Carbon) material is revolutionary; even ceramic brake discs are outperformed (responding qualities are present in both cold and hot condition).

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.. uncompromising technology for street use to race track use!

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Drilled brake discs

lead off the emerging braking heat faster than undrilled discs because of the high ventilation at the bigger radiation surface.

Profiled brake discs

disperse the water film from the brake disc surface within fractions of a second and provide a very short response time also in case of pouring rain.

Lowest weight and maximum deceleration values 

because of biggest radiation surface and also optimum brake pad cleaning milling make this disc avantage for motorsport use with varying conditions. 


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Product Information



Product Information